is an Oklahoma based software development company serving clients nation wide.   We are a ready-made experts for hire with a way of providing custom software services.  An emphasis on quality, value, and integrity is our key to successful projects and happy clients.
   We would like to help your company grow and prosper.  Why not call or email us today so we can discuss how we can put our years of experience to work for you.
   Plettware is available for the development of engineering and business applications for Microsoft Windows 98/2000/XP operating systems. Applications are developed in ASP.Net, C#, Visual Basic, SQL, Access, HTML, ASP, and Clarion as per your specifications.    Contact us to have software custom designed to fit your computation and data handling needs.
   We believe that software solutions that are specifically tailored to your business can dramatically streamline workflow and eliminate the associated human errors.

   In addition to utilizing our own software components, we take full advantage of the latest software technologies and programming languages.
   Whether you require a database or a Web based application,  Plettware's custom software can make your application a reality at an affordable price.

We are experts in developing software solutions that work.
We listen and effectively respond to your needs and those of your clients.
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